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Wheel assist ( Power wheel) drive systems

There are many types of off-road machinery which are either towed by a prime mover or driven by two of four or more wheels. When ground conditions are good, these machines can carry out their function satisfactorily, but when the ground becomes soft or slippery, the prime mover or main drive wheels lose traction and the machine cannot operate. Under these conditions, applying drive to the otherwise non-drive wheels of the towed equipment results in a huge improvement in tractive capacity and in productivity of the machine
Randall Hydraulics has designed and manufactured hydraulic drive systems for previously non-driven wheels on off-road machinery, usually including all associated hydraulic and mechanical componentry and steering systems. Such systems have been installed on harvesting equipment for potatoes and other crops, and on bulk trailers.
Photo above shows a typical drive hub which includes a direct drive high torque wheel motor and steerable king-pin mounting bracket. This hub will freewheel, and drive can be engaged at the turn of a swich.
Wheels, motors and steerable mounting brackets prior to packing
for shipment to a customer
Photo above shows a steer-drive axle designed and manufactured by Randall Hydraulics, which, like our individual steer/drive hub, will switch instantly from freewheel to drive mode and back to freewheel.


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