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Rotary Power has over 30 years experience in the design and development of high quality hydraulic equipment.  It is a company within the British Engines Ltd group, which was established over 60 years ago, and now supplies a wide range of engineered products for offshore, electrical, construction, engineering and other industires.  BEL employs nearly 700 people in Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Prior to adopting its present name, Rotary Power operated as RHL.  The basis of the present product range was formed when BEL added to their existing axial piston range by aquiring the small cam-ring radial piston high torque motor from Renold, and the SMA and MH motors from Sauer-Sundstrand.

Over the last 10 years, Rotary Power has added new products including the XL cam-ring motors, 4.35 to 10.5 litre versions of the SMA heavy duty high torque motor, and upgraded C-range chemical metering pumps.



Axial piston pumps and motors in fixed and variable displacement fomat.

Very wide variety of control options.

Able to tolerate conventional fire-resistant fluids and will also run on other unconventional fluids.....more


Chemical metering pumps designed for the polyurethane foam industry

Fixed or variable displacement

2-port design - no drain line required .....more


Heavy duty, high torque, radial piston motor
200cc to 10.5 litrs/rev
single or dual displacement
rotating shaft or rotating case options
very high power and speed capacity
withstands severe shock load ....more


Compact, radial piston cam-ring motor
optional shaft or wheel drive output
also available as a torque unit for incorporation into OEM equipment ....more


Heavy duty radial piston motor
displacement range 1100 to 7096 cc/rev
available in rotating shaft or rotating case format.

Now superseded by the SMA range for new applications,, but parts and some units still available.....more


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